Procedure for attestation of commercial documents Procedure for attestation of commercial documents

Procedure for attestation of commercial documents

Consulate General of India




Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue any certificate ‘country of origin etc.’, pertaining to exports from foreign country to India.

  1. Commercial Documents required to be attested for submission in India, are required to be first attested by the concerned German District Courts (Landgericht) of the applicant’s and to be submitted to the Consulate.
  1. Attested copies of the document by the German District Courts (Landgericht) then to be submitted in duplicate (original and photocopy) along with the copy of passport/ ID of the applicant for attestation in the Consulate.
  1. Documents may be sent to Consulate General of India, Munich only through post along with the proof of payment to the following address:

Attestation Department

Consular Section

Consulate General of India

 Widenmayerstr. 15

 80538 Munich

  1. Attestation fee of Euros 44.00 may be made through Bank Transfer. The bank details are:

IBAN: DE70700202700658709488


Bank: Hypovereinsbank, München

Account No. 658709488

Bank Code: 700 202 70

  1. 5. A self-addressed envelope with Euro 4.50 stamps (may differ depending on the weight and size of the documents) to be attached along with other documents to facilitate the return of the documents by post after attestation.
  1. The procedure for completion of attestation of document takes 3-5 working days after receipt of documents and payment of requisite fees in the Consulate.

Note: (a) Please note that the Consulate would attest only the seal and signature of the District Court and not the contents of the document. Also, the Consulate will attest the Seal and Signature of the District Courts (Landgericht) which are within the jurisdiction of CGI Munich (Free State of Bayern & Baden-Württemberg).

(b) Please note that the Consulate would attest the English translation of German documents.

(c)  In case signature of the applicant is to be attested as in Power of Attorney and Affidavit etc., physical presence of the applicant before the consular officer is mandatory.