Bavaria Fact File Bavaria Fact File

Bavaria Fact File

Consulate General of India, Munich

Fact Sheet: State of Bavaria


Location, Area and Capital City


South Germany, 70,542 sq Kms and Munich

Population (2020)


13.08 million



Mr. Markus Söder (Political Party: CSU; Since March 2018) (Equivalent to CM in India)

GDP, Germany (2020)/ Bavaria (2020)


€ 3,332 billion / € 610.2 billion



Euro (1 € = Around 87 Indian Rupees)

Composition of GDP of Bavaria


Services (66.8%), Manufacturing (32.1%), Agriculture and forestry (1.1%)

Unempl. Rate of Bavaria (2020)


3.9% (For Germany it is 6.2%)


Total Trade 2020



Germany’s Global Trade (Export/Import)


Exports: €1205 billion & Imports € 1029 billion

Germany’s Total Global Trade


€ 2214 billion

Bavaria’s Global Trade (Export/Import)


Exports: €168 billion & Imports €180 billion

Bavaria’s Total Global Trade

Bilateral Trade 2020


€348 billion


Indo-German Trade (Export/Import)

Total Indo-German Trade                


Exports to India €10.65 bn/ Imports from India €8.99 bn

€19.65 billion

Indo-Bavarian Trade(Export/Import)


Total Indo-Bavarian Trade


Exports to India €1.27 bn/ Imports from India €1.21 bn

€2.48 billion

Major Industries in Bavaria                           


Automobile, Heavy Engineering, Power, Electronics, Communications, Aerospace, IT, Health Science, etc

Major Indian Exports to Bavaria


Articles of Leather & Leather clothes; Bearing, gears, gearing and driving elements; Apparel of cotton (Knitted or crocheted fabrics) and Silk; Machinery & Apparatus for electricity production & distribution; Paints & Varnishes; Furniture; Footwear

Major Indian Imports from Bavaria


Machinery and apparatus for electricity production, distribution; Automotive components, bearing, gears and driving elements; Machinery and Tool; Plastics; Measuring and automatic control instruments and appliances, pumps and Compressors; Medical and surgical equipment and orthopaedic appliances

Major Bavarian Companies in India


Siemens, BMW, Audi, MAN, Adidas, Allianz, Munich Re, Osram, Infineon, Linde, etc

Major Indian Companies in Bavaria


TCS, Wipro, L&T Infotech, Dr Reddy’s Lab, Torrent Pharma, Graphite India, Motherson Group, Aurobindo Pharma, Glenmark Arzneimittel etc

Indian Community


17,182 Indians