Death Certificate Death Certificate

Death Certificate

Death Certificate

(No Objection Certificate for transporting dead body to India)

Certificates are issued by the Embassy and the consulates to enable transport of a dead body to India. Original documents should be submitted along with the photocopies.

1.International death certificate (Sterb Urkunde)

2.Doctor's certificate. (Todesbescheinigung)

3.Embalming certificate (Einbalsamierung)

4.Certificate from the undertaker confirming that the packing of body is in accordance with international regulations.

5.Clearance of German authorities for release of mortal remains. (Leichenpass)

6.Letter pertaining to shipment of mortal remains.

7.Original Indian Passport of the deceased

8.If required any other extra document can be requested by the consulate


Personal submission of Documents: Application along with supporting documents may be submitted at the Consulate personally by scheduling an appointment at the following link (Click here).  We encourage applicants to send their applications by post.

Submission by Post:  Completed Application along with supporting document may be sent to the Consulate by Post at the following address:

Indisches General Konsulat
Widenmayerstraße 15,
80538 München