Attestation of Documents of Indian Nationals Attestation of Documents of Indian Nationals

Attestation of Documents of Indian Nationals

For any query related to Attestation/PoA please write at . Incase you do not get a reply within 7 days. please write at

Following documents can also be attested by the Consulate:

  • Educational Documents - Issued by Educational Institutes in India
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Indian Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Any other document issued by Indian Authorities

IMPORTANT: The above documents (except Indian Passport, Indian Driving Licence) can be Attested by the Consulate only if the documents are attested/apostilled by CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi.


At the Counter: Applications may be submitted at the Consulate personally with prior appointment. Please obtain an appointment from the link provided on the homepage of the Consulate. (Click here)

[Processing Time: 3 working days]

By Post: Applications can also be sent by post to the Consulate. For return-delivery of the attested Documents/Certificate by post please submit a self-addressed and stamped envelope (Euro 4.05) along with your application.

[Processing Time: 18-20 working days].

Note: Consulate will not be responsible for the loss of documents

Check-List of Documents to be submitted:

1. Document to be attested should be provided with Original and one photocopy

2. Passport copy of the person to whom the document belongs

3. Copy of the Visa/Resident Permit

4. City Registration (Meldenbischingung)

Service Fee:

5. Application Fee (click here for fee details) can be paid at the counter by cash only. For bank transfer, payment may be made in advance (because it takes 2 to 3 days to get reflected in our bank account) to the Consulate Bank Account (click here for Bank details) and attach a copy of the transaction slip with the application as reference for payment.

Please Note: Contact details of the applicant (E-mail Address and Mobile Number of the applicant) should be mentioned on the passport copy.


Please see the link below for attestation/apostille of documents from CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India: