Attestation of Educational Documents
Attestation of Educational Documents

Attestation of Educational Documents

Following documents can also be attested by the Consulate:

  • Educational Documents - Issued by Educational Institutes in India
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Indian Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Any other document issued by Indian Authorities

IMPORTANT: The above documents (except Indian Passport, Indian Driving Licence) can be Attested by the Consulate only if the documents are attested/apostilled by CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi.


At the Counter: Applications may be submitted at the Consulate personally with prior appointment. Please obtain an appointment from the link provided on the homepage of the Consulate. (Click here)

[Delivery Time: 3 working days]

By Post: Applications can also be sent by post to the Consulate. For return-delivery of the attested Documents/Certificate by post please submit a self-addressed and stamped envelope (Euro 4.05) along with your application.

[Delivery Time: 18-20 working days].

Note: Consulate will not be responsible for the loss of documents

Check-List of Documents to be submitted:

1. Document to be attested should be provided with Original and one photocopy

2. Passport copy of the person to whom the document belongs

3. Copy of the Visa/Resident Permit

4. City Registration (Meldenbischingung)

Service Fee:

5. Service Fee can be paid at the counter in the Consulate. In case of applications being sent by post, Service Fee may be paid by Bank Transfer and Payment Receipt may be attached along with the application. [Bank details and procedure is at the following link: Click here] Fees Structure (Click here)

Please Note: Contact details of the applicant (E-mail Address and Mobile Number of the applicant) should be mentioned on the passport copy.


Please see the link below for attestation/apostille of documents from CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India: