General Information and Procedure for obtaining Indian Visa General Information and Procedure for obtaining Indian Visa

General Information and Procedure for obtaining Indian Visa

Foreign nationals travelling to India for following purposes are advised to apply only for e-Visa  at the link instead of regular/paper visa:

For Tourism purpose (One month / One Year/ Five year)

e-Tourist visa

For Business purpose (One year)

e-Business visa

For Medical Treatment (60 days)

e-Medical visa

For accompanying patient traveling on e-Medical visa (60 days)

e- Medical Attendant visa

For participation in Conference etc. (30 days)

e-Conference visa

For Afghan Nationals only

e- Emergency X- Misc. Visa

Note: In case the e-Visa application is rejected, applicants may apply for regular/paper visa at CGI Munich.


  1. a. The application for Indian Visa is to be submitted directly at the Indian Consulate in Munich for applicants residing in Bayern and Baden- Württemberg only.

  2. b. Persons of Indian Origin, spouse/children of such persons may opt for Entry visa while filling up the application form.

  3. c. Validity of Indian Visa starts from the date of issue of visa and not from any future date.


1. APPLICATION FORM: Applicants may fill up the visa application online at the following link:   Applicants are required to upload their photograph on the above portal. In case, photograph is not uploaded, visa application will be rejected.  For information on supporting documents of visa category (Please click here).

2. VISA FEE: Visa fee can be paid in cash at the counter or may be deposited by bank transfer in advance (as it takes 2 to 3 days to get reflected in the bank account of CGI Munich) in the Bank Account of CGI Munich (click here for Bank details). Visa application number and name of applicant may be mentioned in the Reference column while making the bank transfer. A copy of the transaction slip may be enclosed with visa application. Visa Fee for different categories of visas is at the following link: (click here).


  1. a. Print-out of the visa application form duly filled and signed as mentioned at serial No.1 above. in case of minor applicant either of the parents can sign the visa application form

  2. b. Original Passport and copy of Visa/Resident Card if the applicant is from a country other than Germany.

  3. c. Receipt/proof of Visa Fee paid through bank transfer. Please note that Fee once paid in the account of Consulate will not be refunded under any circumstances. Excess amount or any amount transferred inadvertently in the account of consulate will stand forfeited. No communication will be entertained in the matter.

  4. d. Applicants are required to submit a recent copy of Meldebescheinigung or Personal Ausweis as a proof of their address along with the Visa application and other documents.

  5. e. Other supporting documents (depending upon the category of visa). Details available at the following link:

  6. f. A self-addressed envelope of size C5 for returning the passport with Indian visa is required to be attached with the documents. Stamp of Euro 4.50 may be affixed on the envelope.


a) Submission of Visa Application by POST: Completed Application along with supporting document can be sent to CGI Munich by Post at the following address clearly mentioning on the right side of envelope - “VISA APPLICATION”:


Euro 4.50

Visa Application


Indisches General Konsulat
Widenmayerstraße 15,
80538 München

b) Submission of Visa Application in Person at Consulate: 

Completed Application along with supporting document can be submitted personally also at the Consulate by scheduling prior-appointment through online appointment system available at the following link of CGI Munich website - Click Here

5. PROCESSING TIME: Minimum 5 working days from the date of receipt of application in the Consulate. Consulate is not responsible for any delay on account of postal services.

6. HOW TO CONTACT US: For any query related to visa application please send email at In case you do not get a reply within 5 days, please send email at



  1. a) Incomplete Application Forms  or those received without above documents are liable to be rejected and sent back to the applicant. This  Consulate does not take responsibility of loss of application/passport by postal department.

  2. b) Mere submission of visa application and payment of visa fee does not entitle issuance of Visa. It may be noted that visa is a sovereign right. Visa process may involve requisition of additional documentation/personal interview. Visa can be rejected or validity curtailed or category of Visa modified without assigning any reason. In case of rejection of Visa or restriction on validity or modification of category of visa, the Visa fees will not be refunded.

  3. c) Visa processing fee once deposited shall not be refunded. Fee should be deposited only after ascertaining the correct type and period of visa applicable to the purpose of travel.

  4. d) The duration and number of entries granted to the applicant will be solely at the discretion of Embassy/CGI Munich. No claims and correspondences shall be entertained in this regard.

  5. e) Applicants holding passports, other than German, must have a valid stay permit for at least one year in Germany for grant of all types of visas except Business and Employment. In case of Business visa, stay permit of at least two years in Germany is necessary. In case of Employment visa, foreign nationals in Germany having stay permit of less than two years should apply from their home countries. In all other cases, clearance is to be obtained from Indian Missions in their respective countries for which visa applicants are required to fill Additional Information Form which is available with the Consulate.

  6. f) Visa is valid from the date of issue. All applicants should check the details in their visas and bring any discrepancies to the attention of the issuing authority without delay for rectification. CGI Munich bear no responsibility for the consequences.

  7. g) There shall be a gap of at least two months between two visits to India on a Tourist Visa on re-entry of nationals of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistan origin and Stateless persons.

  8. h) Indian Embassy/Consulate may ask for additional documents and/or interview before issuance of visa.

  9. i) All the information on this website is purely of advisory nature and shall not constitute any basis for any claim whatsoever.

  10. j) All travelers to India, especially long-term visa holders, are advised to check the latest immigration and entry regulations before travel.

  11. k) Satellite telephone services like Thuraya and Irridium are not permitted in India. TCL (Tata Communications Limited) is permitted to provide Inmarsat services in India only after a no objection certificate is issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) on a case-to-case basis. Unauthorized use of satellite telephone services will be prosecuted under section 6 of Indian Wireless Act and section 20 of Indian Telegraph Act.