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Registration for Indian Nationals/Students/Professionals in South Germany (Bayern and Baden-Wurttemberg)

1.All Indian nationals/students/professionals residing in the states of Bayern and Baden-Wurttemberg are required to register themselves with Consulate General of India in Munich. The data-base will be used by the Consulate to reach out to Indian community in times of crisis as well as to share information on the activities of the Consulate and also to update on various consular services of the Consulate.

2.The present registration shall remain valid till 31st December 2024. It is mandatory to register again after 31st December 2024.

3.An auto-generated mail with Registration Number will be sent to all Indian nationals who register themselves with the Consulate.

1. Title*
2. First Name*
3. Surname*
4. Gender*
5. Passport Number*
6. Date of Birth*
7. Father's Name*
8. Mother’s name*
9. Date of Arrival in Germany*
10. Visa Type*
11. Profession:*

Other Profession*
12. Residential address in Germany*
13. Work place address (if any)
14. Permanent Address in India*
15. Email id*
16. Mobile Number*

17. Contact person in case of emergency*

(i) In India*

Mobile number*

(ii) In Germany*

Mobile number*
I hereby give my consent to CGI Munich to use the above information for the activities mentioned above.