Application for Online Appointment

Power of Attorney/Affidavit for Indian Nationals& Emergency Certificate (Misc. Services): Applications can be processed ONLY through Appointment as personal appearance before the Consular Officer is mandatory.

For other services like Passport, Visa, OCI and other Misc. Services: Applications for these services shall preferably be sent by Post. However, these applications can also be submitted personally by scheduling prior online appointments. 

Note:- In case, applicants seek appointment for Power of Attorney/Affidavit but wish to submit documents for some other service, the application will be rejected. As all other applications can be processed by Post also.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to some technical reasons the mails sent by the Consulate are not delivered if mail address contacts a German domain  (eg.   It is therefore requested that the domain name ending with .COM may be used (eg. for communication with Consulate and for scheduling appointment with the Consulate.