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Baden Wurttemberg Fact File
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Consulate General of India, Munich

Fact Sheet : State of Baden-Württemberg  

Map of Germany

The German states

The German states



Location, Area and Capital City


South-West Germany, 35,751 sq.kms and Stuttgart



10.9 million



Mr. Winfried Kretschmann (Political Party: Green; since May 2011) (Equivalent to CM in India)

GDP, Germany / Baden-Württemberg (2017)


€ 3263 billion / € 493 billion



Euro (1 € = Around 80 Indian Rupees)

Composition of GDP of Ba-Württem. (2017)


Services (60.3%), Manufacturing
Construction (4.9%), Agriculture and forestry

Unempl. Rate of Baden-Württ. (March 2017)


3.7% (For Germany it is 6%)

Inflation rate of Baden-Württ. (March 2017)


2.9% (For Germany it is 5.7%)


Total Trade 2017



Germany’s Global Trade (Export/Import)


Exports: €1279 billion & Imports € 1040 billion

Germany’s Total Global Trade


€ 2319 billion

Ba-Württ.’s Global Trade (Export/Import)


Exports: €201 billion & Imports €170 billion

Baden-Württemberg’s Total Global Trade


Bilateral Trade (Jan-Nov 2018)


370 billion

Indo-German Trade (Export/Import)

Total Indo-German Trade


Exports to India € 8.5 bn/ Imports from India
€11.4 bn €20 billion

Indo-Baden-Württemberg (Export/Import)

Total Indo-Baden-Württemberg Trade



Exports to India €1.05 bn/ Imports from
India €1.73 bn
€2.79 billion

Major Baden-Württemberg companies in India


Daimler AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Porsche, SAP
AG, Heidelberg Cement, Wuerth Group,Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Lapp Cables,

Major Indian Companies in Baden-


Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Mahindra
Satyam, Motherson Sumi System, TCS, etc

Major Indian Exports to Baden-


products; Metal products; Apparels of cotton
(knitted or crocheted fabrics), leather; Jewelry -
Gold & Silver; Intermediary Chemicals

Major Imports of India from Baden-Württemberg.


Automotive Components; Machinery and
for electricity production & distribution, paper
production & printing, Textile and leather
production; Machine Tools; Chemical end

Indian Community


20,175 Indians


Public dealing hours for passports, OCI and other consular documents is Monday till Friday from 09:30 - 12:30 hours

For Passport, OCI and consular matters - please contact cons.munich@mea.gov.in giving applicant's personal details and Web File No.

Visa queries and applications should be submitted to International Visa Services (http://ivs-germany.com).   In case of any problem, visa section of the Consulate can be contacted through cons.munich@mea.gov.in.  Please furnish Web File No. while communicating.

Commercial Representative / Consul (E&C) Mr. N.Ramakrishnan may be contacted at <com.munich@mea.gov.in for commercial matters.

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