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CII Smart Mobility 2018
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CII Smart Mobility2018

“Transforming Urban Mobility in India”

10 October 2018, Hotel Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru

 Confederation of Indian Industry is organizing a conference - CII Smart Mobility 2018 with the theme “Transforming Urban Mobility in India” on 10 October 2018 at Hotel Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru.

 A series of technological and social forces are likely to significantly change the way people travel and goods are moved. As these trends unfold, it is essential to understand the drivers/motivators of change and potential solutions. It is in this background that CII proposes to organize this initiative on Smart Mobility.

 Conference Objectives:

Understand from experts, industrial, government and key stakeholders on the best practices, global standards and way forward in sustainable transportation and urban mobility.
Trigger unique ideas and tap sources of innovation from various stakeholders
Forge partnerships for collaborative business and research amongst industries, institutions, innovators etc.
Understand supportive policies for embracing innovative and newer systems for adoption

Conference sessions:

 Session I: Envisioning Indian Cities of the Future

Urban Society Development & Urban Planning Design
Elements of a Sustainable Transportation - New Generation City; Transportation - Global Cities & India
Governance & Responsibilities of a Citizen
Case Studies & Models of Global Cities - London, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, New York, Tokyo, Brasilia, Auckland, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai

Session II: Innovations in Mobility Technologies & Systems

Technology enabling mobility - Global Outlook
Mobility as a System
Road Systems, Transportation Management & Road and Traffic safety technologies
Sustainable Transportation Technologies Vs Power & Infrastructure (Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Electric Vehicles)
IoT, Telematics, Automation & Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Future of offices etc

Session III: Auto Industry – Transformations to address Future of Mobility

Role of Auto Industry - Current & Evolving Mobility Needs
Auto-Mobility Industry - Opportunities
Decongestion & Carbon Foot Print
Opportunities for Private Industries, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Young Indians

Session IV: Mobility Ecosystem – Governance, Policies & Regulations

Integrated Mobility & Last Mile Connectivity
Public Transportation - A preferred mode
Pedestrian & Cycle Friendly Roads
Decongesting Metros
Green Vehicles Vs Infrastructure & Power
Bringing Buildings closer to Public Transportation (Mainly Urban & Metro Stations)
Solution Models for India - Policies supporting Innovative Solutions & New Age Business Models

Profile of Participants:

CXOs, Heads of R & D / Operations / Quality / Sales / Marketing and Service / Corporate Communications, Researchers, Designers, Academicians, Innovators, Industrialists, Investors.

 Focus sectors:

Infrastructure, Power, Engineering, Auto & Automotive components , Electronics,, Information & Communication Technology, Real Estate, Tourism, Health Care, Education.

 For Registration - http://cii.in/OnlineRegistration.aspx?Event_ID=E000040904

2. For Partnerships – Mr Shivek Gurubaran, Deputy Director, CII (Mobile: 91 – 99444 57057 / shivek.g@cii.in)


Delegate Fee (including GST)

CII Member (Medium & Small Scale)

CII Member (Large Scale)


Association / Startups

Rs 2360

Rs 3540

Rs 4720

Rs 2360