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Advisory to the Indian Community on Fraud calls
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Advisory to the Indian Community on Fraud calls

  1. We wish to again bring to the notice of Indian Community about fraud calls which are being received by members of Indian community residing in Germany.  Initially, Indian students studying in Germany and those Indians who are on work permit in Germany were receiving such calls.  In the recent past, the Indian origin persons who have become German citizens (NRI and PIO card holders) are also receiving calls.  The calls are made by people who are masquerading as officials of Indian Embassy/Consulate and from the telephone numbers which look as if called from Embassy/Consulate-obviously spoofed numbers.  The callers generally speak English and sometimes Hindi.  It is requested that in the event of receiving such calls, the number from which call has originated, date and time of call, contact number on which call was received and nature of demand or threat may be furnished to Police as well as Embassy of India (minca.berlin@mea.gov.inandpersoffice.berlin@mea.gov.in).   In some instances, the criminals have used the telephone numbers of Federal office of Migration and Refugees.  In this regard the Department has issued an advisory which is available in the link https://www.bamf.de/SharedDocs/Meldungen/DE/2014/20131213-falsche-telefonanrufe-nur_startseite.html. Hence you may send the complaints also to them in their email id (info.buerger@bamf.bund.de)                                             
  2. The practices adopted by the criminals are as follows:
  1. You may like to adequately caution your friends in Indian Community to be on guard and we would appreciate also any useful information that can identify the culprits. We have also taken up the matter with German authorities.
  2. Most of the calls originated from + 49 30 257950.  In the recent past calls are coming from +49 30 25795103.  It may be mentioned that they are Embassy numbers but callers have spoofed these numbers. 
  1. The nature of threat or demand is that the person has given wrong or inadequate information in his passport or immigration records due to which a case is registered by Police in India or in Germany and also cases are pending in the Courts at India or Germany.  Hence, perpetrators demand that a fine or penalty needs to be paid through Western Union money transfer and in rare cases bank account numbers were also given.                                                                      
  2. It is reiterated that Embassy/Consulate does not call up people to ask for money, etc, and hence such calls be ignored and reported promptly 

Victims of fraud calls are requested to share with us urgently as much information as possible in the following format and email to cons.munich@mea.gov.in


Public dealing hours for passports, OCI and other consular documents is Monday till Friday from 09:30 - 12:30 hours

For Passport, OCI and consular matters - please contact cons.munich@mea.gov.in giving applicant's personal details and Web File No.

Visa queries and applications should be submitted to International Visa Services (http://ivs-germany.com).   In case of any problem, visa section of the Consulate can be contacted through cons.munich@mea.gov.in.  Please furnish Web File No. while communicating.

Commercial Representative / Consul (E&C) Mr. N.Ramakrishnan may be contacted at <com.munich@mea.gov.in for commercial matters.

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