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Open House Days

In order to enhance the Consulate's interaction with the Indian Community of the region, an Open House is being held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month between 0930 hrs and 1230 hrs.

During these Open Days the Consulate would like to invite more participation from members of the Indian Community who are welcome to meet Consul (CPV), who is the Officer in charge of Passport, Visa and Consular matters.

No appointment would be necessary for this purpose. However, those desirous of meeting Consul (CPV) on the Open House Day may please send an email confirming their participation on that day to email

This issues with the approval of the Consul General.


Date : 03rd September, 2015


Public dealing hours for passports, OCI and other consular documents is Monday till Friday from 09:30 - 12:30 hours

For Passport, OCI and consular matters - please contact giving applicant's personal details and Web File No.

Visa queries and applications should be submitted to International Visa Services (   In case of any problem, visa section of the Consulate can be contacted through  Please furnish Web File No. while communicating.

Commercial Representative / Consul (E&C) Mr. N.Ramakrishnan may be contacted at < for commercial matters.

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